Public Lending Right in the Czech Republic

The amendment to Copyright Act was accepted in May 2006. It recognized the public lending right system. Libraries have to provide authors remuneration for the lending out of their works. N either the libraries nor the founders will pay the authors. The remuneration for the lending out of author's work will come from the state budget by via the National Library of the Czech Republic. The National Library negotiated the license agreements with associations of author's right. The amount is about 0,017 Euro for one loan. It will be roughly 900.000 Euros per year. Some libraries, such as school and universities libraries, the National library of the Czech Republic and others central libraries will be free of payment.

The license agreement for lending audio recordings has been accepted before through state budget. The payment is about 156.000 Euros per year. The libraries can lend audiovisual records, videos, CR-ROM, DVD only for in-house use.


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